Thursday, May 14

Customer Service

Those of you who recall the early days of Steelhead will remember meQal Anna. A dear friend still, the self-styled "King of the Rednecks" started as the official Town Drunk with a tent for his home. His gregarious personality quickly made him a Host. I knew he had some programming skills, but I was surprised when rapidly became a gifted builder of clothing and gag gifts. He even became the manager of Starlight Casino, which for a while was one of the most popular spots (for casinos at least) on the Grid.

And just as quickly, he vanished.

He told me he had some extra time and was looking for something to do. I suggested he give Second Life another try. This was his responce, reposted with his permission:

Sorry but Hell has a better chance of freezing over, thawing out, and refreezing again before I will ever play Second Life again. Linden Labs pissed me off that bad with how they acted regarding screwing up a paid account I had and then telling me it was my fault. It took them over a year to even admit that they messed up before even contacting me about it and that was only because the BBB [Better Business Bureau] had them listed as a disreputal[sic] business. I am still waiting two years later for a promised refund from them. Before I will ever install anything made by that company again on any computer I own, I will require a lobotomy and my gentaila[sic] nailed to a table with railroad spikes.

Great job, Linden Labs.

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