Wednesday, May 27

the cat brought company

"Stay calm, everyone! Stay..."

Yet another explosion rocked Mason Labs, knocking my dolls off their feet. Koen curled under the cover of my operating table.

"These demons don't give up, do they?" shouted marion as she pushed her two sisters off of her.

Indeed, they weren't. Three of them tried charging straight through the disintegration field (with predictable results) before they resorted to assaulting the Lab itself with the ugliest improvised artillery I'd ever seen.

"Why aren't we fighting back?" asked vanna as she reattached her arm.

"We don't have to. They're attacking from outside the Lab property, which means..."

I was interrupted by a muffled WHUMP of a small explosion and the shriek of a demon. Then a series of a dozen or so more explosions, followed by more shouts.

I turned on the amplifier and donned the headphones.

"Thank you Tensai!"

"Welcome! Don't forget your rent's due tomorrow!"

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