Thursday, April 30


My Dear Friends and Readers,

As any mystic will tell you, "as above, so below". The observant of you will notice that my pantheon has literally been turned upside-down. Themes of addiction and madness, rage and regret run through my prose like the deep black waters of the Styx. My imagination is a place where gods, demons, men and machines are differentiated only by the scope of ther power and how it corrupts them. The premise of unforgivable sin wrestles with the desperate axiom that no one is beyond redemption.

In three weeks, my partner in love and life will go under the knife. As in all such procedures there is a chance she may not come back, or slip away when my head is turned. The terror in my heart is very real. I am floating on a sea of panic, and there are stormclouds ahead. A family without a mother and a house without a bookkeeper. I can't imagine what life would be like then.

In times like these, Second Life can be an escape. It is also a lifeline to those who have become very real friends. I've also wasted time in world when I should have been cleaning, sleeping, working, planning, looking in the next room or doing absolutely anything else. It has always been an addiction (a stronger dose than the chatrooms and MUDs), creating more strife on my side of the screen than anything else. Grudgingly she acknowledges it as a creative outlet, and watches the legal issues with bemusement as it relates to her field. I think with article after article of our favored medium's use as a tool for science, commerce and art she is accepting that Virtual Worlds are not a passing fad. She still doubts they will become ubiquitous. She still wishes I never made an avatar.

Please understand if I seem more crazed, more angry, more forgetful than usual. The story helps me focus. If it starts to fall apart, would you be so kind as to help put the pieces back. Even in such a state I'd rather create and cooperate than let a network mogul run my imagination for me.

And now, back to the Chronicles, already in progress.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for you and your family, Doc.

Rhianon Jameson said...

You and your Lady will be in my prayers, Dr. Mason. May everything go as smoothly as possible.

And keep regaling us with tales of obsession, power, and madness. They make my job seem better in comparison. :)

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

Lighting a candle now, and go give the mate a hug for me.

Magdalena Kamenev said...

Prayers and good wishes to you, your partner and your family.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea! And having been in a very similar place very recently my heart goes out to you.

Stay strong, do not dwell on the "ifs" but on the "nows" and take it all one day at a time.

Drop me a line, comment, tweet,etc if you need to let off steam.

p.s. I think your good lady & my good lady should never meet lest their mutually shared views on SL pour petrol on their simmering embers :)