Wednesday, April 1

Don't try and fool me, I'm under seige!

Ash drank the Jagerbrau!

My doll/zombie army is ready to conquer Steelhead!

Bloodwing is back!
Don't even JOKE about that!

Tensai broke the levy again!
Not funny.

I'm Darien Linden nao!
Profoky did it first.

Steelheaders get 50,000L stimulus package!
See New Babbage Ning.

Lunar buys New Babbage. Welcome to Babbagehead!
That would have been funny/plausible six months ago.

Welcome to New TolouseHead!
See above.

Mason Labs gets Meta-Makeover!
Nope. I know someone who did though!

Eugenia's new farmhand is really Jeremiah Mason
Oh Please! That's outlandish and completely unfair to that poor soul!


Galactic Baroque said...

That number Shaun did last year, installing Caledon teir meters in New Babbage, is awfully hard to top.

Anonymous said...

Don't speak badly of poor Mr. Sawyer!