Tuesday, March 17

solved by the scalpel

I honestly did not plan this. Any Spark will tell you that he is as much a thrall to twisted muse of Science inside him as are his Minions. The problem was simple. My magic was gone. The drop of demon blood in me that was my link to the energies harnessed by my family line was severed. So many options cut off from me, no longer within my comprehension.

The Spark is a relatively new family trait that emerged with the advent of Alchemy - Western civilization's arduous transition from Magic and to Science as the dominant paradigm of how reality functions. In fact, Aleister Mason was only the second recipient of the Bloodwing Curse to also possess a Spark. As the Demon learned, it made his Host more powerful, but harder to control as well.

I was missing a part of me. I had a donor on the floor in front of me who had it. I didn't even have to sacrifice a limb or an organ to get a fresh infusion of magic-infused cellular tissue.

Pain was not a factor. The Spark overrides such things. And when you have a Doll Minion who is more than willing to contribute her surgical talents...

I only needed a graft.

G-d help me. G-d watch over my brother's soul, wherever it may be. And G-d have mercy upon Jeremiah Mason, for I shall have none!

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