Tuesday, March 24

Fire, Water, Anger and Pride

I returned to Mason Labs after performing errands elsewhere. These wings have made travel much easier. As I approached the portal I heard the distinctive rattle of the morgue unit on the second floor. Was it Marcus getting up again? No. Not possible. I saw to that.

It was an intruder. A Jager, armed with an axe-bladed staff. She tried to make for a break for it when I roared in anger, but I grabbed her by her epaulets. What business did she have with my brother's remains? Was she trying to steal them? Devour them? Was Herr Baron sending spies now?

My vision turned red as my eyes began to glow like embers. My wings were wreathed in flames. I told her she should have learned in Jager School that bad things happen to fools who rummage through the laboratories of Sparks. With the shred of reason I still possessed I let the blue recruit scamper back to the barracks with her tail between her legs.

Indeed, my magic was returning. Save for that short-lived fusion with the Founder as "Dr. Bloodwing" I had never felt such power! And with it the deep dark chasms of emotions that no mortal could ever fathom.

In the middle of my soliloquy I noticed my flames had been extinguished. I was standing in five feet of water. In the middle of my laboratory.

[picture to be provided]

I quickly escaped the lab before the floodwater shorted out my equipment. I thanked the stars that I had stored my brother on the second floor. I flew outside. Indeed, it was a flash flood. residents had taken to high ground or the safety of boats.

I saw a dog from the farm next door paddling helplessly as it was washed to sea by the waves. In a flash, I swooped down and scooped the animal in my arms. It licked my face as I landed on a dry outcropping of rock nearby and put her down safely.

I watched from that vantage point as the waters drained back into the bay. I felt a twinge of pride I once had in serving this town re-emerge.

Some old feelings are worth revisiting. Some most certainly are not. I must be careful. I need this strength to battle Jeremiah. But it will be a hollow victory indeed if my hubris brings about the same punishments laid upon the Founder.

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Tanarian Brenaur ferch Owain fab Bran (Davies) said...

Doctor Mason,

You saved one of my dogs?! THANK YOU! I was away in Caledon, and didn't even know about the flood until well after the fact. My sister kept an eye on my own dogs, since they were on our property, but the Dog Park was all unattended.

[fans herself and slumps in relief]

Most appreciatively, Tanarian Davies