Monday, January 26

Updates on many levels

The Royal Mile Pub Meetup - Gabrielle Riel, Kiralette Kelly, Podruly Peccable and myself sat down over a few pints and talked about the Grid issues on everyone's minds.

At great risk, my sources have obtained the first verified picture of Marcus Gabriel Mason, aka Count Belhaven:

With the dissolution of Yottabyte University, my campus infirmary in New Tolouse has gone away.

Construction of Mason Labs has continued, the site has doubled in size.

While waiting for the custom parts to rebuild Gematria, I stumbled across the remains of a broken doll. It's apalling what some so-called Geniuses throw away. So of course, I rebuilt her. She's proven to be curious and eager to serve as my lab assistant.

We attended Duchess Eva Bellambi's Burns Supper in Winterfell Anodyne and Sir Edward's Australia Day festivities...

*kicks daguerreotype loader* Blast it! Supplemental images later.

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