Thursday, January 29



*klik* "Consulate of Europa in Steeltopia, Consular Liaison Ash Mason speaking. How may I direct your call?"

"Ash? This is your father."

"Hello Sir. How are you?"

"I'm a bit perplexed, truth be told. This artifact you recovered from the wreckage of the Midas is not Gematria's soul chip."

"Are you certain, Father?"

"I am now. And the fact that your soul chip grew from a fragment of Gematria's means you should have known it wasn't authentic when you first touched it. In fact, it can only be a chip from one of the Qlippothic Steel drones from New Erebus. It's inert, luckily. But then you knew that, of course."

"Correct, Sir."

"Ash? I can understand Koen's anger at being reanimated as a mortal. But YOU, Ash? Why did you deceive me?"

"This line is not secure, Sir."

"I'm flying over, then. AND YOU'D BETTER HAVE A ************* GOOD EXPLANATION!!!"


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