Wednesday, January 14

Notes from the Doctor's desk

(since his walls have temporarily vanished there's nothing stopping you from snooping)

I joined the Babbage Ning again. Seems just slightly less mad than when I left. I sincerely hope Herr Baron knows what he's getting himself into. I will monitor events closely to see certain legacy issue is rectified.

Of particular concern is this new self-professed villain in Babbage, Baron Savitch. An asylum escapee with a clockwork brain? Watch out for this one.

I confronted the Emperor on Ash's "suicide mission" during the Steelhead Town Meeting. He told me I was a bit too pessimistic. Also the mission was postponed due to technical difficulties. Something about finding a long enough fuse...

Qli promised to rebuild the workshop. Good. It's getting chilly at night with no walls, and I can hear Dr. Alter caterwauling at the moon. Perhaps I should crash at Regency Hospital tomorrow night.


Hotspur O'Toole said...

No need for that! I have an entire suite that hardly gets any use. You'll need a rowboat to access it, of course.

Darien Mason said...

My hot air balloon should work nicely.

Rhianon Jameson said...

The last I saw Mr. O'Toole's place, approach by either water or air was rewarded with a fusilade from several snowball cannons. It might be easier to invest in a warm blanket and a set of ear plugs.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

*clears her throat* Shall I sing even louder then?


Darien Mason said...

Miss Jameson:
Using galvanized copper sheeting and cavorite for the balloon I was able to take gas samples over Mt. Mondserrat, with a only a few minor dents to the craft as it was pelted with lava and igneous rock. I assume it will be resistant to snowballs as well.

Dr. Alter:
OH! Erm...lovely! You should audition after Lunar builds the Steelhead Opera House!