Monday, January 12

Good News and Bad News

The good news is Lunar expanded my lot to cover 414 and 413 Port Harbor.

The bad news is after performing maintenance on Ash the walls seem to have vanished.

Worse news? Dr. Alter's neko DNA are in overdrive from my treatments. The same thing happened with Koen when I brought him back, but her situation is not as extreme. "Near Death" and "Charred Remains" are entirely different situations.

Qlippothic? Please restore my house ASAP, with doors and locks this time? Thank you. I'll be at an undisclosed location.


Evil Tiny Kitty said...

I am "myself" again, but I do believe that other form could truly be used to my advantage...*grins*

Darien Mason said...

See? I told you they were mild symptoms!