Monday, January 5

And now a word from the Mason brothers.

A lot has been said...and I don't feel like rehashing. I'm just going to tell you how I feel.

*looks at the Founding Member plaque on the front of the Hospital*

I'm not going anywhere. Caledon and Steelhead are my two homes, and I will never forsake either. I will continue to work for the benefit of my fellow Victorians everywhere. Yes, even that other one. If Caledon were overrun with casinos full of chaircamping ageplayers decades from now, I'd be yelling at the strippers to get off my lawn.

I could tell how I've seen the sims I love go through identity crises over an over again, and come back all the stronger (except for the Wild West sims, but they don't count), but then I'd just be showing my age. I'll just continue to help where I can. If you want me to host Etiquette classes, I'll do it. If you need someone impartial to give someone a tap on the shoulder (like Lady Darkling did to me so many times) I'm more than happy to oblige.

Don't try and knight me with a fancy title either. As an American citizen I have no need of such pageantry. Furthermore as a Jew I am forbidden to kneel to anyone except the Almighty. (No, my ancestors weren't kneeling. They were just getting closer to the floor to make sure their heads hadn't been chopped off for not kneeling.) Otherwise I'd be walking around calling myself Prince of Erebus.

*BZZT* I'm claiming that title, Dear Brother.

Hold on Marcus, I'm getting to you. State your piece.

*BZZT* Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Marcus Gabriel Mason, Count of Belhaven. Do you feel that you simply don't belong where you are? Then by all means, come to the island of Belhaven! In addition to our famous Nine Muses Brewery, we have long been a haven for privateers and nobility with...exquisite tastes. Let us be your Asylum in Exile! Belhaven! What happens here stays..." *CLICK*

Alright Marcus, they get the point! Oy! You give these sim promoters a copper pipe and they build a death ray!


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Hypatia Callisto said...

*gives you a tight hug as she is dying laughing*

Thank you :)