Wednesday, December 3

This Friday, Captain Kidd comes to Port Novem!

In the tradition of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 I will again be showing an old movie for your captioning pleasure, be it through text or voice. Last week we played that old Steelhead stanby Saddle Mountain Roundup starring Hotspur's favorite serialist, Crash Corrigan.

An audience member said, "Hey, this is a pirate's tavern, let's see a pirate movie!"

Your wish is my command! Dredged from the flotsam and jetsam of the Prelinger Archives is the 1941 classic Captain Kidd, who looks just like Jack Sparrow. Maybe after a couple barrels of rum and with two eyepatches on, but whatever. So dress piratey and help fight global warming! YARRRR!

The movie will start promptly at 7:15. Synchronize your movie streams!

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