Friday, December 5

Sarah Nerd (No Longer) Buys Land!

Due to the ongoing Open Sim catastrophe and other Linden gaffes, one of my first friend/patrons in SL, Sarah Nerd, is shutting down her inworld business and leaving the Grid for a certain other fantasy realm.

Linden Labs actually banned Sarah from the Grid for a week for swearing on the phone with them due to the frustration they caused, right before she was going to hold a seminar advocating the use of SL by educational institutions!

In my pre-Caledon days, Sarah hired me to dance at her club, the Angry Ant. I had just become a Deputy in Steelhead, and I (well, Bloodwing technically) would shoow up in his cowboy outfit. Very popular if I remember correctly. She threw the wildest all-night raves, with so many particles that they would cause my deva's box crashing several times in a row. He also won a huge lottery at one of her events, which he then spent at Acedia Albion's store in Bolinas.

That's also where he met a fellow employee, a lady dancing in an insectoid avatar named Flea Bussy, who had just opened a small parcel for selling monster avatars called Grendel's Children. It was then that they discussed what the Hydra would look like and what sort of backpack a "steampunk golem" would use. She happily built those avatars for me, and the rest is history.

As other members of the Mason family came inworld, the first place they'd visit was NineInchNerds, to stock up on freebies and pick from the money tree. She's also very good at trimming mustaches. *ahem*

Goodbye Sarah, I'll miss you!

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