Monday, December 1

One busy doctor

Concussions, fractures, paralysis...I must speak to Dr. Alter about safety procedures for Minions doing roof work.

Triage following the ironclad bombardment of the Steeltopian Embassy. This must be the work of that Gamesmaster again. I should warn Ash to be on alert at the Emperor's wedding on Wednesday.

My latest creation ran away. I'm getting tired of this pattern! You'd think after giving someone a second chance at life they'd show a little bit of loyalty? My Qli would never...

Miss Easterman has referred a replacement, but I don't think she will be a good fit. She seems squeamish about hospital duties and apprehensive about my more esoteric experiments.

Word through the grapevine that my nemesis, the Ghoul of Babbage, has left for greener pastures graveyards. Perhaps Oahu and I should pay the town a visit. The matter of the Pirate's insult must still be resolved however.

Will park the horseless carriage on my Port Harbor property as soon as the paperwork is ready. Penalties for infractions in Steelhead can be swift. What would happen if a time cabinet blew up, anyway?


Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Thank you for tending to my minions.

I try not to push, I mean, knock them off the roof...I mean...Haaaa...

Darien Mason said...

You won't laughing when you see the bill.