Monday, November 24

Some Updates

First, I must thank Lady Fogwoman Gray and everyone else involved for a spectacular Grand Tour! I've been rather busy with my latest reanimation project so I only had time to visit a few stops...The Dagger venue in New Babbage, Sir Edward's underwater base in Argylle, Prop Spinners in Steam Sky City, and Castle Wulfenbach. And let me say Lunar-san, you should broadcast your voice more often!

Second, I notice some of my fellow Steelheaders seem to be butting heads as of late. Before we pull out the claws, fangs, and steampowered elephants can't we at least sit down and try to work out our differences? (Yes, that's coming from me of all people!)

Third, I'm experimenting with a new event at Port Novem on Fridays. I have three words for you: Saddle Mountain Roundup.

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TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Well said my friend. I know it is not done this way elsewhere but I try and keep a level of moderation over things said and done between each other. Lately though due to building and my health I have laxed where I should not. What we must do is respect each others personal RP, we are getting bigger, and with that we must learn tolerance with each other or the consequence is that I will not allow the community to suffer due to expansion. Expansions cease.

We are a community and that is a priority over how many square meters we have. I can never stress this enough. That is the draw we have as a city, is our people.