Sunday, November 9

Respitory infections and Openspace fatigue

That's what's kept me detached from the blogosphere for the past few days. And yes I see Hotspur's point about the upcoming prim, script and avatar limits. No more RCAF battles or full ampitheatres in Primverness. Already Doctor Obolensky has thrown in the towel on his Clockspire Island. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned evil again over it.

The Lindens through their characteristic opaqueness have created unrealistic expectations, and now that they are enforcing their will they are disrupting those commnities that profited from the status quo.

All I can say is...keep protesting. As they say, three concessions equal a revolution.

Further, they need to realise the rest if the MMO community is rapidly catching up to them. I signed up for the Gatheryn beta, just in case.

P.S. Thanks to Evad Babii for clearing up some of the terminology for me.

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Rhianon Jameson said...

Turn evil "again"? Trust, but verify, Dr. Mason.