Monday, November 17

Re: The Jager anomaly

[Submitted to the Consulate]

Herr Baron,

There has been a sighting of an individual that appears and claims to be a child Jager. From what I have read of the Jagerbrau, which has never been imported into this dimension, this would constitute one impossibility upon another.

The existence of an immature Jager assumes:

1) A female Jager (A rarity in itself I am told, but they are abundant in the Grid. Perhaps they are here because of poor treatment back in Europa?)

2) Said female drank the Jagerbrau while she was unknowingly with child. (Only the best soldiers dare to drink the potion. This raises uncomfortable questions regarding military conduct...)

3) Female Jager survives the transformation. (Only a 10% chance according to the Professors Foglio.)

4) Embryo survives the transformation of the mother and its own life-pattern.

Datum: According to the Professors Foglio, couplings of male Jagers with human females sire completely normal human children. This suggests a lack of mutagenic properties from mother to child as well, and negates the possibility that the Jager factor was inherited from the father.

5) Given the extended Jager lifespan, how old would a Jager seeming to be in its early teens actually be?

No information exists on whether a Jager couple will have Jager children. Presumably they are too busy fighting for the Wulfenbachs or searching for the True Heterodyne heir to actually settle down. The fact that the one Jager I have spoken to thus far is still incredulous about the subject speaks volumes in itself.

Much like the case of the supposed Heterodyne with the Geisters in thrall, there is more to this case than meets the eye. We must get to the bottom of this.

~Dr. Mason

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Doktor,

Pardon me for missing this letter for such an extended period of time. I will not go point-by-point -- I will only say that the child's parents are both known to me, that there are other factors involved which apparently transmitted the effect of the 'Brau safely, and she really is fourteen. When she is fourteen is another question entirely.