Friday, October 31

The Loose Mask [Midas Adventure Aftermath]

[IC'ly private]

When the veil between worlds is thinnest, magic frays at the edges. I worry that the enchantment on Darien's talisman may waiver. What will he do when he finds out he has been deceived? That his quest is but a ruse? Will he cast away the one thing that may save him?

I only knew his Firstbuilt from the encounter onboard the aethership, from Blood Doll to heroine. How do I explain to the ones she cared for that she may be gone...forever?

[There may be a way...but would she still be Qlippothic? Gematria? Or something greater? More dangerous than I was?]

Even while attending to duties in Regency Hospital and Port Novem, people are asking why I am not on the journey to Fusang. How do I explain that I am in two places at once? The Baron seems wary, he has just had to deal with a doppleganger of his own. Darien's friends say I seem distant. I was not raised to know affection. Darien had his Sumalee to teach him love. My first lesson was the gift of his own conscience.

[I want to live my own life, but I've never had the chance...must I return to what I was to save him?]

I must speak with the rest of the family. Even the ones with severed ties. Even the enemies.


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