Sunday, September 14

New Opportunities and a Wonderful Rezday!

First, I paid a visit to friend I've been out of touch with as of late, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who from te last time we met relocated to New Toulouse. I have been eager to visit that part of the country myself, having only stopped by once since the region's Grand Opening. He was proud to give me a tour of his ongoing project, Yottabyte University, an SL institution designed for the benefit of showing professional educators the usefulness of Second Life as a learning tool.

Not only was I welcome to visit as a Guest Lecturer, but he even offered to clear some space on campus for a Caledon Red Cross sponsored clinic, as he did back in New Babbage!

A few days later it was time to celebrate my third year of existence in the Grid. I know I sound old when I say it, but so much has changed. The Grid is a much bigger place and more wonderfully diverse. I've seen women rejoice with their first flexi dresses, and builders gleefully manipulate their first sculpties. I've seen the lukewarm reaction to the merging of Voice functions with the Grid. I've seen the Neo-Victorian sims grow from small experiments to thriving communities. I've seen child avatars fret over panic-button policies written in vague language. Gambling and amateur banking have vanished. And finally the Lindens seem to care about cleaning up the flashing and spinning litter on the Mainland!

After a quick visit to the Steelhead Ball to say Hello to old friends, I was pulled to Port Novem where I (and fellow rezday celebrant Miss Weatherwax) danced in the company of friends new and old to the varied choons of Nova Sakigake.

*ahem* No Comment.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Congratulations on your rezday, Dr. Mason. Now...does the cake have inside it a buxom clockwork construct, waiting to jump out?

Darien Mason said... was just there for sake of getting tongues wagging. Besides the only clockworking working at Novem now to my knowledge is Gematria and that would have been extremely awkward, to say the least.