Tuesday, September 2

The Death of Bloodwing


In the dilation of Singularity I have delayed my demise ad absurdium. My reign of New Erebus has involved pleading and bargaining with the Fates and being assaulted with one revelation after another.

The Fates do not lie. My true Father was the Titan, Prometheus. My very reason for existence was kept hidden from me. A need so compelling that Hades raised me as his own with full knowledge that I could never inherit his Kingdom, yet still he poisoned me so I would pass among gods and demons as his kin.

Even now I hear Hades cursing at me as New Erebus burns like a jade sun over his domain. He sends every beast with wings to destroy me, but they are burned to dust as Wormwood looms closer. I was never meant to seize my Father's throne. But I can destroy it. This is my revenge, and my last boon to you, Humanity. Wormwood will not destroy Earth.

It will destroy Erebus.

I can no longer control the descent of this celestial body. Had I known the Truth beforehand I would never have taken this course. But the Fates...and the Deva...have decreed. By the time you hear this, Erebus and New Erebus have collided and both shall be destroyed along with their Kings. The gates to Tarterus beneath shall be blown open. The Hydra, when it rouses from the shock and digs from beneath mountains of rubble, shall escape.

The Hydra has done what even the gods could not do. It destroyed the other Titans. It consumed them and made them extensions of itself. It is a fact as old as the Universe itself. Only a Titan can destroy another Titan.

That is why I was brought into being. Like my true Father I have Ascended and no longer have in me what is needed to destroy the Hydra. If a successor is not found, the Serpent will consume everyone and everything!!




Rhianon Jameson said...

Between all the Mason Family journals, I might be starting to follow the plot. Information overload!

This is why I drink....

Anonymous said...

What? There's a plot? I just write what the voices in my head tell me to!


Gematria said...

Goodbye, Demonfather.

Some will sigh in relief at your passing, but those who truly knew you shall mourn.

Thank you for taking my sacrifice as your own. I understand these illogical drives humans have so much better as Gematria than I did as Qlippothic, and I revel in them.

We have heeded your words. A successor has been chosen. Wherever you are, you may rest in peace.

Miss Lily said...

My heart is with you Darien, and with you, Gem. I know how hard his passing has hit you. Please keep in mind that you have a friend if you need one, even if I am not around as often as previously.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

How many times has this guy "died"? How long does it last? I'm having a hard time keeping track.

Dazed and confused,


Anonymous said...

He rode a comet and crashed it straight into Hell! Honestly, I'm done with him. You may see impostors. He may be seen in in flashbacks, dream sequences and time travel vignettes. But if you see another Bloodwing strutting through Steelhead it's not controlled by *this* deva :P