Thursday, August 28

Room Service

After I strapped on Ash's field outfit we decided that it was pointless to hide as a bear mascot if there was only one demon left on the ship. I was still woozy from the spa treatment and tried to form a strategy with Ash. My first goal was to rescue Gematria.

"Rescuing Gematria is no longer a prioprity. She is not aboard this vessel. My directive is now to resue you."

I held my tongue on that one. Yes, I was still 25 years younger than I was supposed to be. Yes, I wanted out of this Dollhouse-boat, this Cruise Ship to Cootieville.

"Neither of us have wings anymore. We either hide and wait for a Wulfenbach rescue or find a couple jetpacks. I can't believe how lucky you were to survive that fall."

"The trampoline survived the explosion and broke my fall. That reminds me, why did Novem keep a trampoline upstairs?"

"You got me, Ash. I'm just a kid, remember?"

"Room Service!"

We both suddenly turned as we heard the clank of metal. A large serving platter and a covered dish was pushed by a blue claw from the cover of a concealed trap door neatly amidst the ripped blankets, lace and gears. The claw snatched the bear costume and pulled it into the crawlspace. Then it clamped down on the head of the costume by the nose. There was grunting below as it took a few pulls to squeeze it through the aperture. We barely noticed a trapdoor closing to blend with the carpet of the spa chamber.

"Ash? Is that a trap?"

"That was the Sommelier."

"The Smiler?"

"No, the Sommelier. He manages the wine cellar, including the Bloodwine casks. He helped me escape from the Lounge on the Tantalus Deck. He warned of dire consquences if Marcus consumed the Ereb'ai bloodwine."

"Shouldn't that be our mission?"

I stooped over and lifted the silver cover. There was a can of oil for Ash and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me with a glass of...bubbling green fluid.
There was also a rolled-up map of the ship, with a note written in immaculate handwriting on the back.

Master Darien, Please Drink. It will put hair on your chest. Loosen your belt first. I can mix you more when the ship is secure. Stop Marcus, in the Penthouse Suite any way you can. Time is of the Essence.

I lifted the glass, carefully. The smell from it was worse than the trash chute.

"Should I?"

"I'm not versed in Alchemy, Sir. He seems to be trustworthy as far as Demons go."


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