Friday, August 15

OOC: Vacation, Holiday, Withdrawl, call it what you will...

The deva will be off to the beach for a week starting tomorrow, for the period of a week, with only a handheld device and spotty aether connections save for the oasis of the occasional cafe'. He will be receiving therapeutic doses of sunlight and salt water and extensive research into beings known as "family". We must maintain vigilance against greasy foods, alcohol, and centrifugal torture devices disguised as entertainment.

In the meantime I'll be writing up a long wishlist for my rezday, and concocting dramatic escapes, along with situations in which to deploy them.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of my new friends from Babbage who have made life much more interesting as of late.

Gracious thanks to the ruler of Wintefell and her Court, who offer safe port to Pirate Muses.

One cannot forget one's tried and true companions either...the Caledonians, the Steelheaders and the Wulfenbachs who offered the Foundation survivors safe port in the storm.

Thank you Qli/Nova for coming back to the story. It has not been the same without you.

And I can never forget the one who watches from behind the glass. Your help shall never be refused, should it be in your will to offer.


Miss Lily said...

Jeez, Darien--that sounds like a *Goodbye* letter! It's only a week, although I'm sure it feels like more. I know it would for me. And that "family" you mention---I think I have one of them too--that would explain those people in my house, telling me to get off the computer and get to bed every night.

Ama said...

You should see his grocery lists, Miss Lilly.

I hope the deva and his family have a good time. Do rest up, Father - we have more kettles on the hob.

[returns to the textbooks on reanimation, regeneration and cloning]

Darien Mason said...

My thanks to both of you...chin up, Lily! I'll need a briefing when I get back Ama, and I suggest you steer clear of Babbage. The Baron tells me the air there has gotten rather...toxic.