Thursday, August 7

The Midas Touch

Outside the ship, Ash was hovering over Babbage, holding Darien securely. They were both staring upwards at the hull of the Midas when a bound, furry humanoid fell through a hatch.


Darien looked down and watched the figure vanish into the smoldering remains of the Muses Playhouse. "You know what this means, Ash?"

"Family rescue time?"

"Right. Let's do this!"

Ash soared upwards towards the hatch, pushing Darien through. Ash began to slip his arms inside when the hatch promptly snapped upwards, his wings crumpled with a loud crunch. His legs hung from the hull of the ship. Darien tried to press against the smooth metal passage for traction as his feet found footing on Ash's shoulders. "ASH! Are you alright?"

"I believe this situation is commonly referred to as a cliffhanger, Master Darien!"

"Yeah? Well I've got a few other words for it!"

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