Monday, August 11

comfortably numb

*OK, I wasn't wearing the jetpack in this scene. Artistic license, OK?

Bodies. I was being pummeled by falling bodies. The ones that didn't pound me like sack of potatoes tumbled past me as I struggled to avoid the flailing spikes and claws and spines of lifeless demons. I struggled to maintain control of my improvised wing, thankful that I my ridiculously over-padded helmet (thanks Frau Lowey) and flight suit were absorbing the heaviest impacts. Suddenly, I found myself of the bodies must have severed the wire to the wing! I dropped my wing and reached out, and both my hands found a metal rim. My fingers screamed in pain as I hoisted myself up.

I heard the sliding of metal, and light surrounded me. My night goggles were overpowered again. I turned my head, wondering if it would be safer to let myself fall. That's when when I felt several pairs of small but strong hands grip me by the shoulders and pull me out of the cramped tube.

“What the…?!" I stopped suddenly as my helmet and goggles were unceremoniously ripped off my head. I turned quickly only to feel the metal hatch slam shut on my nose. “OW!” As my eyes tried to adjust, I heard that sort of avalanche of ticking one hears when entering a store of antique clocks. I focused, and took a deep breath. "Dolls..."

They stared blankly at me, blinking only because it was in their gears to do so. The bruises beneath my suit began to throb, and I leaned against the hatch for support. My gaze darted from one painted face to the next, trying to discern their intentions. They just looked at each other and, without a word, two of them took me by the elbows and dragged me off, the other dolls following close behind.

“Let’s give him a treatment!” one squealed as they bounded into a dimly-lit rooms back-lit with reflections of pale blue. They tossed me down on a cushioned recliner and flipped me face-up. I sighed in relief that my ribs didn't land on something hard.

There were soothing sounds, first I thought they sounded like the bubbling of water from a stream in an underground cave, then realized it was a bass string instrument. The scent of eucalyptus infiltrated my nostrils. I breathed in slowly, I felt grateful that the smells of garbage and gear oil were being replaced with something more soothing. My eyes closed.

I'm letting my guard down. I can't help it. Everything hurts. So exhausted...

The pain was slowly draining from my body, along with my strength. I sensed it was more than just eucalyptus having an effect on me. I heard the ticking sounds orbit around me. The rustling of cloth and careful tearing of paper. I smelled something that reminded me of the Bay...seaweed. I heard the hushed whispers of the dolls around me.

“He’s so pretty...”

“I think it’s her cousin...” I felt a small hand run through my hair, and then heard the sharp slap that almost sounded like ceramic.

“DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Commanded a sharp voice in an angry whisper. I stirred, trying to regain awareness of my surroundings. Just then a warm, wet, fragrant towel was placed over my face, quickly rendering any judgment of mine useless. I felt my clothing tugged at gently, sliced down the seems, and peeled away. I shivered from the exposure to cold air until I was covered with warm blankets, one after the other. The weight of the blankets became heavy, to the point where I had to fight the weight to draw breath. I tried to struggle, but my body seemed to forget how to move. I was rendered blind and immobile, and almost past caring.

Special thanks to MissLily Nightfire for this entry.

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