Monday, July 7

until the day I see my kingdom has been won

[You have an annoying habit of surviving, Sixth Son,] said Bloodwing through the medium of thoughtwaves. His grip remained fused to the chains by which he navigated New Erebus on a more direct course with the Wormwood comet than what Augustus had devised.

Jeremiah smirked. "It is a family trait, Founder," A device in his pressurized helmet transmitted his speech as thought waves, even the glass face was large and clear enough for the Founder to read lips. "But now, at last, I have that which I have most desired before me! I have the strength of will to control your power after we are integrated, and not vice-versa as with my errant clone. And with the impurities of the Hydra parasite dispensed with, True Immortality..."

[Another family trait is your penchant for soliloquy, from which I demand you desist...] Bloodwing's tongue lashed out like a serpent, shattering Jeremiah's facemask and wrapping several times around his neck, [NOW.]

The crossbow fell from his grip. As the stock collided with the floor, the bowstring snapped, propelling the enchanted quarrel into Bloodwing's side. Black ichor trickled from between his ribs down his side. He hoisted the attacker a foot in the air in response. Jeremiah's limbs flailed violently, but not from the lack of oxygen. His mind was screaming as eons of experience inundated his psyche.

The Spark struggled to comprehend the emotions within the demon that clashed like whirlpool tides against jagged rocks. [There is a reaction to each conquest...a weakness!]

[That is called a conscience, Sixth Son. Something you were born without. That is why you were never fit to be my Host. With every feeding comes remorse. Another conquest left behind. More lamentations and screams. Another victim murdered just for failing to resist what no human was ever meant to experience. One suicide note nailed to your door. One more cold bundle hurled to your feet...]

The dictator pleaded, [Stop this! I can't bear...]

[On one condition.]


[Concede control of this realm to me. Proclaim my rule.]

Bloodwing willed a bubble of air around Jeremiah's head as he uncoiled his tongue slightly, and slithered the appendage to flip the switch on Jeremiah's aetheric voice broadcaster. The transmission of his trembling voice and gasps for air echoed through the shattered city.

"Hail Bloodwing...*cough*...King of...*wheeze* New Erebussss..."

Bloodwing catapulted the lifeless body away and retracted his tongue. His body erupted in flames as his features shifted like wax. His skin drained completely of its red color, except for his face where the visage of Dragon returned.

[This realm is mine. MINE!]

Black designs stretched across pale skin to assume familiar positions. His horns shrank and the crown that floated over him clattered to the ground.

[Do you hear that, meddlesome Council? Do you hear that, Blood Elf? Are you trembling now, Father, with the rest of your siblings high on Olympus?]

The arrow in his side disintegrated and the would sealed.

[Rejoice my surviving kin! You are now Royalty!]

His entire body grew to four times his original size as he continued to guide the reigns of the city that was now truly his. He laughed triumphantly in the throes of apotheosis as an ancient promise was fulfilled.

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