Tuesday, July 1

Events in Regency and Babbage

I investigated the smoldering remnants of the Regency residence of Miss Schnabel. I haven't seen a conflagration this destructive since the fall of Polymath I. I found it highly unusual that a bottle of champagne still on ice was lying right next to the carnage. Mr. Fourway is preparing a bed for Mr. Matova to convalesce once we find him.

I'm also disappointed that the Caledon Volunteer Fire Brigade was nowhere to be found, yet a new neighbor was already on site with a food cart vending snacks to the gawkers. (I miss my daughters so...I don't have the strength left to build a Qli-4...)

Attempting to establish contact with the neko urchin Oahu. Observations indicated orange spotted secondary patterns as opposed to red and striped as in the Bloodtail tribe, but certainly from a neighboring tribe at the very least.

Pictorial evidence taken of a Phase III infection of the Hand pathogen (dubbed "Mr. Tentacles"), beginning mutagenesis away from human form. Investigating.

Extraterrestrial humanoid drones (Babbage Cuckoos) have made an appearance, number believed increased to three. Accompanied by construct conducting topographical scans. Ominous.

I finally did her back from "Gem", even if only to alert me of the plight of another. Somewhere there is a very young urchin with an infected amputation. The girl was directed to CRH and seen in Regency but got lost or was too scared to enter. Request a Search Party formed for the girl answering to "Amina".

Neurological damage reported of a party member from the Selenite expedition. Suspect damage from exposure to alien telepathic frequencies from "media station" artifact. Consulting with Dr. Fourway.

Preparing for Submersible Party at Novem tomorrow. Let's hope "Mr. Tentacles" doesn't show up. Will have vaccination gun on standby.

~Dr. Mason

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