Friday, July 25

but the cat came back

The hours of the club had shifted earlier, making it impossible to see the main event due to make-work ("studies") the Consulate insisted I partake in. The music was still blaring in the evenings, and the staff maintained a presence, watching of those jubilant souls who were too dim or altered to realize the event was over. I kept my flight suit and rocket-pack on. It made for an interesting costume, it concealed my identity, and if worse came to worse I could smash a hole through the roof to escape.

The island's activities are expanding. They realized there was now a void in their community that needed to be filled. With the migration came the predators. Already someone offered me a sample of Seclamine. Nasty stuff...not for kids. Trust me on this.

"Hey kid! Nice rig!"

I distinctly heard that call over my shoulder. I lost my rhythm once as a chill went down my spine. Somebody wanted to talk shop? Fine. If they wanted to get personal? I'd already rehearsed the polite dispersal.

"Thanks! It's an Iguana Army Air F..."

I gasped. Of all the beings I was prepared to see, a Bloodtail Neko was not one of them.

"I'm Koen." He extended a red paw in friendship. I noted his signature bracers.

"I'm Doc...I mean...Marcus."

"Nicetameecha. Hey, wanna go get some sardi...oh...maybe you'd like some ice cream better. My treat."

I stifled a laugh. "Yeah. Sounds good. Hold the anchovies! Say do you mind if a girl I know comes along?" I looked over my shoulder at Ama.

"Hey why not. I got a date too." He gestured towards the entrance where a neko's silhouette watched with an anxious flicking tail behind the blue curtain at the entrance. Her coat didn't matter, I could already tell who she was.

"Great. Let's do this!"

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