Tuesday, April 22

OOC: The First Annual Donate Life in Second Life Ball

April 21st was declared Donate Life USA Day by Congress. In honor of that day, Frau Lowey and I decided it was a perfect time to raise awareness as to the shortage of declared donors in the United States. I must admit I was surprised to find myself hosting in Steelhead again. Sadly, the good Sheriff was unable to play music for us, but the stream played an interesting mix of Classical and Soundtrack pieces.

The event was somber for me, since my late Mother had two transplant operations during her life. First for a liver, which gave her an extra ten years to see her family grow, and when that failed due to the poor judgement of her doctors she required a second operation for both a liver and a kidney. There were unexpected complications, and she never fully recovered. The date of her passing is April the 27th.

While we Miss Lowey and I had no luck in convincing the Transplant Recipients International Organization that Virtual Reality can be a powerful fundraising tool, we did distribute notecards listing non-profits that support the cause.


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Corgi said...

Duchess Eva and I'll get their heads turned around, I promise.

It's... just gonna take longer than I thought it would. They're REALLY clueless.