Wednesday, April 2

Only embers now smoulder where bridges once burned

It seems I miscalculated the energy of the Tesla Drive. Even as we propelled ourselves into orbit the engines acted as a Tesla cannon, demolishing the surface level of the Bloodwing Foundation, leaving only the basement. Thank Goodness there was no other property damage or injuries below. It seems my moving plans have come a few weeks early. I will miss the place, to be sure.

Citizens have already started approaching me about purchasing the land. Please contact TotalLunar Eclips about rentals on the Foundation grounds and in Harborside, arriving next month.

Though Fortune may guide the fools I have no wish to be free until I am gone.

-VNV Nation, Rubicon

1 comment:

Frau Lowey said...

A minor miracle that the proxybot survived, though damaged.

The Foundation building was a landmark, now to see what rises from its ashes.

There are a few lots coming open in Harborside, and *cough* Boomtown.