Sunday, April 13

The Cross-Examination

"Now, Darien...your mind is an open book to me. Your treachery against mankind shall be visualized through this equipment and broadcast through the aether. And I shall be vindicated!"

"Let us begin the moment after Bloodwing threw that Tesseractor Grenade at you, shall we? What was going through your mind after the explosion ripped you free of the Hydra's control and Reality itself?"

I see Bloodwing bolting skywards and hurtling a cube towards me. A flash of energy. The Serpents ripped away...and darkness. Solace.

"I am sure...being free of that ancient parasite must have been a relief. And it's not often a terror from the Mythic Age is defeated by a mortal. does a mortal lost in Absolute Elsewhere without an Etheric Time Cabinet arrive at my doorstep, at the worst possible moment?"

I see a light that quickly expands to a glowing circle...the portal. I land on worn stone dusted with sand. The tropical sun feels like liquid fire on my cold bare skin.

"The ruins of the first temple of Bloodwing in Sumatra of course. Just completing my expedition..."

You were crouching over a neko black fur, red tail, red ears. A silver ankh fallen beside laid your pliers on it. Sumalee! The dart in her shoulder...the sand stained as red as her paws... The syringe in your hand. You monster!

"Tranquilization and de-clawing is standard procedure on these expeditions...knowing what I know now I should have spayed her too!"

I tackled you. I wrestled you for that syringe.

"Yes, I didn't expect to accosted by a screaming,lunatic doppleganger in the middle of the jungle. You did indeed have the element of surprise. You wasted my last dose of Hydra venom! I had bargained with Hades Himself for that priceless supply!"

The needle pierced my torso...the liquid curse spreading again through me.

"What a fool of monumental proportions you were! Purging the Hydra from your body only to go back in time to immediately re-infect yourself all over again!"

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