Monday, March 31

OOC: Who says this is a waste of time?

Those of you who use Gmail may or may not notice those adlinks placed at the top of your conversation lists. Well, I noticed one called Semper. They claim to be the first IT staffing firm with an office in SL. They specialize in the field of Graphic Arts, which is a perfect fit for SL with all the prim builders and sculpie artisans. I'm a Technical Writer by trade, as anyone who reads my First Life tab will know. I sent them a resume last week, and a local representative sent me a friend invite this morning!

Even if this opportunity doesn't follow through, I still have to give them props!

I'll let you know how it goes.

-The Puppet Master*

*Sir JJ and Lunar-san have both called me this on seperate occasions. While the Deva is my preferred IC term, this one is very accurate for my sorytelling style!

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