Wednesday, March 5

Introducing the Gygax

After months of working in secret, my rocketship is almost complete! And right when I needed it the most! I had debated letting my fellow Steelheaders choose a name, but with my luck they would choose...well, you know. Instead I named it after a man whose imagination unlocked new worlds for all of us.

Artist's Conception

Engine Rooom

Navigation and Communications

Observation Deck

Underside of Force Shield Crystal

Current Status, with Tesla Drive

(still looking for more detailed textures, tailfins, gun emplacements etc., but it will do for now)

My thanks to Lumina Elvejhem for her original "genie-bottle" design, Frau Lowey for installing the teleportation tubes, and thanks to my daughter Qli Projects for the welding, hydraulic strength, putting out the plasma fire in the engine room, etc. etc..


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Doktor,

I made a point of stopping by to see your brave ship, now that my dimensional translator has stabilised (although my flight assist had me drifting gently downwards the whole time).

She is a beauty, although the gap in the decking of the Observation Deck had me disoriented for a bit when I fell through. Don't worry, I didn't land on any of the equipment, I made sure of that.

I have... ah... the way is cleared for me to go with you, when the work is finished. Let me know what you need me to contribute, bitte.


Klaus Wulfenbach

HBA said...

Good gods! I'm a wee bit behind with my reading... but this is simply stun ning... I am, as always, in awe of the skill displayed when artist meets builder. Hats off sir, hats off!