Tuesday, January 22

My Creation is still out there.

Forgive me if this sounds like the ramblings of a desperate father or the rantings of a Spark. But she must still exist somewhere...even if in Nowhere. Despite what that self-destruct message said. Isn't it obvious? Why would the Sphere have been intact otherwise? Qli listened to the message. She received an alternative solution from the demon, and she took it. She jettisoned the Spheres...all of them I presume...for some new configuration.

You planned to build her as a weapon from the start, Bloodwing. Damn you! It was our conflicting directives that forced her to be self-aware in the first place. They forced her to decide for herself the best code of ethics. And she chose mine.

You anticipated she would someday be desperate enough to override her most basic command of self-preservation. She tore her own systems open to find the little surprise you left.

I was able to piece together the end of that transmission from the wreckage of the explosion.

You are no longer the Doctor's little Project. Depend upon yourself first and foremost. You must be strong. You must be Qlippothic Steel...

So that explains where Qlippothic Steel comes from. Almost. To perform her self-surgery, she had to somehow reconfigure from the cloud of debris she was reduced to from the shockwave of Hostel's collapse. Other samples I took from the crash site contain pieces of her Gematric Code, a blueprint of her configuration before she jettisoned the Spheres.

Someone repaired her in the Void, and did a damn good job of it. That someone used pieces of the original Qli and fragments of Nova.

This new Qli told me that she senses a duplicate of her original self came to be when the Hostel dimension un-collapsed. This is not unusual based on what I know of Mulitiversal Dimensional Physics. I even know it's pointless to claim either that Nova or my Qli-Nova fusion is the "real" Nova. It's as if Hostel needed a Nova unit to reestablish itself. It's just one of those happy accidents, I suppose.

Qli-Nova also tells me that she and her alternate are aware of each other, and fear coming into direct contact for fear of a Paradox. This is understandable. It also means this Nova could not be the one that repaired Qli.

Even more curious is one of the components used to rebuild her. Like the original Qli, the skeleton was an organic structure from the remains of a supernatural. In this case, the origin is unmistakable.

These bone fragments are from the Hydra!

All the signs point back to me. I need to remember what happened when I was timelost, and remember it quickly. I'm afraid I must resort to extraordinary measures.

~Dr. Mason

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