Tuesday, January 29

For a Good Cause...

*turns on the OOC light*

Here's the deal. A member of the Consulate has asked the Doctor to summon Bloodwing, so she can donate a lung to a bedridden sibling, who also has Demon blood.

The thing is, my mother had two transplant operations for a genetic condition before she passed away.

I can't make light of this.

We therefore withdraw the request for a Jager nurse and ask for something more...philanthropic.

I would like the Foundation and the Consulate to host a Charity Ball benefiting TRIO, the Transplant Recipients International Organization (http://www.trioweb.org). They provided excellent information resources to my mother when she was ill, and they sent a volunteer who was a transplant recipient himself to help out every step of the way. We can hold the event at the Regency Hospital.

Bloodwing is *supposed* to be dead. But I will bring him back just for this. For a good cause.



Anonymous said...

What an outstanding idea! I will do everything I can to help make the charity event happen and be wildly succesful. I offer as a Consulate staffer, yes, but foremost as a person who feels strongly about the need for organ donation. In preparation therefor, I will apply myself to reading blogs to catch up on histories. I hate being ignorant of the facts!

Myfanwy Davies
(who can never remember her password to sign in)

Eladrienne Laval said...

I think that is a fantastic idea!

Frau Lowey said...

((Blinking in the glare of the OOC light))

Odd how SL is able to bring people with similar issues together isn't it?