Friday, November 16

Protect your Creator

I handed Bloodwing one of my most vital components, and he took to the skies to do battle with his Seventh Son gone mad.

I scanned the blackened landscape. Jeremiah Mason's body lay where it fell. Despite the multiple traumas he looked more...human than when I last encountered him. In fact it was now easy to see he could be the sole genetic source of my...


I listened closely for the source of...

Protect your Creator

The battle raged above me.

Restore your Creator

It is too dangerous to...

I stared at the elder Mason's body again. His features were exactly the same...

I ran through the forest to where Darien had left his supplies in preparation for entering the haunted house..which was now collapsing in flames. I recovered a metal tube, capped at both ends.

Restore your Creator

I crouched over Jeremiah's body. The greenish glow from the serum was enough to find the injection site. As the body shuddered, its face was illuminated by the explosion above me.

Restore your Creator

I looked up in time to see Bloodwing's burning eyes as he dove towards me. In an instant his hand was wrapped around my throat.

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