Wednesday, October 24

Please allow me to introduce myself...

As my Seventh Son has requested, I now have my own roost from which to crow. I have been flying low as of late, but since my Legacy seems in greater danger now than it has in millenia, I have once again seen fit to intrude in Mortal affairs...and make a tidy profit off of the charms I have cultivated through the profession of Host. I have also modeled in the past...since most of my clothes only fit my previous body (Dr. Mason's) I am willing to discuss a barter of services.

I have already mentioned my current appearances at Club Overdose. The female to male ratio there is quite high; I do hope it stays that way. Normally I am not the type to gossip...but one devotee at that hideaway wants to drag me to a priminated version of the Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem to purify make me an Angel. Such naivety is priceless!

The Hydra that once slithered through me is entangled in my Sixth Son, and though he is an unworthy vessel he seeks to draw me into his twisted soul as well. I shall not allow this to happen. As much of a danger as he presents to me, I will still put a stop to him and the machinations this possessed Spark-Mage uses to assail my family.

Or any other threat to my kin..


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