Tuesday, October 30

The Haunted Tea Party Part III

So there I was, sitting in a haunted house, having hemlock tea with a three-headed reptilian demon, being served by a clockwork doll. And this was a family gathering. The serpents held their cups surprisingly well with the vestigial wings that adorned their host body..which belonged to that of my undead father, Dr. Jeremiah Mason.

I looked down at the pungent brew. A hairline crack in the teacup allowed the infusion to slowly seep into the saucer. Did Qli plan this as well? When I finally took my required sip there was less poison to consume. On the other hand if it overflowed the saucer the swirling ghosts would claim me as punishment for breaking their rules.

I grinned as I raised my cup in unison with the Hydra's cups. I spoke as I brought the porcelain to my lips. "Tell me, Mr. Dexter Hydra..how was your trip from the Underworld after Mr. Bloodwing and I dropped you off?"

The eyes of the serpent I adressed grew wide. Now I waited. It could hold a cup of tea. It could whisper evil thoughts to its host. But none of my research ever indicated a Hydra's head could speak. "HISSSSS.."

The house shook as wisps of screaming dead wrapped around its neck and inveaded its throat, searching for a soul to steal. It retreated into the host body as it released its cup with a tiny crash. The other serpent, and the middle head that held my father's brain, stood deathly still to avoid a chain reaction.

"Oh dear! Mr. Hydra! Is your companion alright?"

The remaining serpent looked down at its host. They gazed at each other and nodded. I heard horrible ripping noises as something twisted my father's neck from inside. I saw a bulge travel up the serpents neck from where he joined the human trunk.
Jeremiah's lips moved silently his voice strained raspily from an inhuman throat.

"Missster..Hydra..isss..well..thhhank you."

Of all the things I'd seen and done, seeing a zombie rip out its own voice box and shift it inside...
My hand trembled in terror, droplets rose and fell in the cup, one arced to the tablecloth..

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