Wednesday, October 31

Best. Town Meeting. EVER.

My recovery from the recent serial RP adventure I haven't finished writing yet wasn't complete, so I took the skeleton jokes in stride.

First: October 30th is now Steelhead Flag Day. Our manager, TotalLunar Eclipse, announced that we would adopt one of Baron Wulfenbach's versions of the Steelhead Flag I had originally drafted. The choice was between the original blue stripe at the bottom or a vibrant violet stripe.

"Is our lake blue or violet?"
"Right now it's RED!"

Second: Lunar unveiled the 3-D map of the Steelhead Harbor District which will border the current sim's Northern edge. Rustic, mountainous, and beautiful rivers. Even better: I convinced Miss Laval to take a prime spot there between two rivers. Two more sims are on the drawing board..soon we will be an analogue to the North Pacific Coast!

Third: Caledon has running trains. We'll have running ferries.

Fourth: In recognition of my (sometimes misguided) attempts to promote the town for the past six Grid-years (one year Real Time) I was tapped on the shoulder to be a Steelhead Councilor. I will represent the Foundation, and all my fellow Steelheaders, at those super-secret community planning meetings where we are required to where silly hats and greet each other in elaborate handshakes.

All in all I was so happy that I would have cried, if I still had tear ducts.

I have a lot more on my plate. Our Deva is getting angry and is drafting a schedule of which family members can mischief where and when. Qli is conflicted over the most recent spat of drama with the Muses. Koen's tongue-bathing in preparation for Neko Night at Kokopelli on Friday. And I have to explain how Qli and I escaped that haunted house with just my bones on.

But in the meantime I have pumpkins to carve and trick-or-treaters to scare.

Happy Hallowe'en and a Blessed Samhain

~Dr. Mason and the Bloodwing Foundation


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Just remember, the misguided attempts in the past is still fresh on everyone's minds. I had to convince Lunar that 1)you have learned from those mistakes and 2)a councilor's not the same as sheriff or manager, so you can't really abuse powers. There's also the fact that Miss Katt does have final say in things.

Gonna be a team effort to keep Steelhead moving up.

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Oh yea, one minor correction in your post, Doc. Harborside will be to the North, not South. Next to my house. The South of Steelhead City will host the next expansion, whenever that day arrives. Hell, if we have the same luck as Caledon, it could be soon.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Doktor, I congratulate you and hope that you will serve to the zenith of everyone's best expectations.

And that you regain your flesh soon. Really.


Klaus Wulfenbach