Thursday, September 13

Happy Rez-Day to Me

*scrubs skull out with steel wool to forget Hotspur's gift*

Ah, much better. Now where was I? Oh yes. The Rezday party. At first I was worried no one would show. There were a coupe other Caledon events in progress, and Dr. Figaro had fallen ill and was unable to DJ at Baroness Amber's ballroom. (I wish you a rapid recovery, Doctor!) However, my dear friend Nurse Annastina Christensen graciously offered to play her uniquely uplifting mix of music, and brought her friend Reyna along.

I received Rezday gifts from all sides. I received a balloon, a bear, a bed, two buoyant battleships (!!) and a dashing outfit from Anna. Bloodwing's sister Lumina danced with me (sister by blood or ceremonially through Steelwolf? No one seems to have an answer to that), as did Annastina and the Baroness herself. The Steelhead managers, Tensai and Lunar, took some time to dance with us. Countess Christine Pearse stopped by to share in the revelry. My daughter Qli's construct friends, Cornelia Rothschild and Midnight Bohemia, also paid a visit. Captain Midnight offered me two unusually sized eggs she had collected on her sea voyages..they certainly demand further study.

All in all my spirits were greatly uplifted! Annastina and I ( Bloodwing anyway) have made a great DJ/Host team in the past and it certainly showed last night for two wonderful hours! Since the Baroness gave me carte blance to use her Ballroom except on the Esbats, I think this could easily become a weekly event!

~Dr. Mason

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