Tuesday, July 17

The Doctor is IN Tombstone (Take #3)

What is it about vengeful architects who insist on burning down what they created? Once again I received apologies from the Authorities. And again Ive a new office in Tombstone Sim, on the spot where the last one once stood. It's smaller than before but there's wiser use of space. Except for sealing off the second floor that is..

And what I am truly delighted to tell you is the Caledon Red Cross has entered an agreement with Tombstone Sim. All of our Doctors and Nurses will be on call for emergencies there as well as Steelhead and Caledon. (And believe me, they need it!) And in return, should a disaster occur in the other territories (Should we call them the Victorian League?) like, oh say..a werewolf attack or alien invasion..we will have a posse of gunslingers and Apaches riding in like the Cavalry to help where it is needed.

Now..could someone tell me why there are ten-foot wide hoofprints ground into my front yard, and why those same prints tracked dirt onto my second floor?


Amber_Palowakski said...

I like the idea of a Victorian League, in the sense of saying that these different Victorian era sims recognize each other as related in rp, and that events and actions in each of these sims has a bearing on the other sims.

Darien Mason said...

Absolutely! Maybe once that idea is firmly in place I can push for the Great Simlantic Railroad..Telehubs that look like Arrival/Departure signs that let you choose which of the Victorian sims to go to.

Zoe Connolly said...

Dr. Mason,

JJ Drinkwater and I were discussing this very thing earlier today. My vision is to create a group called "The 19th Century Sim Alliance" or some such.

Let's discuss this idea soon.

I'm creating a new blog that will cover the 19th Century sims - "The Connollt Telegraph" - to be released soon. I'll need many contributors in the endeavor.

Alias said...

This simple little alliance of emergency medics is reaching very far, isn't it? *grins* A simple offer for help and a staunch ally in emergencies. Now leading to something very similiar to the League of Nations. Because sims are small nations on their own! Observing and being in the middle of it is an incredible experience. I know we can do this.

Dr Mitsu Figaro

Amber_Palowakski said...

I have talked of this same idea to Mayor Wraith and Sheriff Riel of Tombstone several weeks (or was it a couple months ago, I forget now), and also last year to Steelhead's former Mayor Steelwolf, though the term "League" didn't come into play. It would be really nice if we could locate all the Victorian-era sims in one general location of the grid, and have them all connected by void ocean sims...but that is just idle day-dreaming.