Thursday, July 19

Coming Soon: Caledon Regency Hospital! (Addendum)

I received a letter from the Guvnah today..I am being offered the chance to buy land in the next island to rise from the depths of the Caledon Sea! Perhaps my dream of a fully staffed and equipped Hospital will finally come to fruition! I must act quickly. Very quickly..

..And just as quickly I received a donation from Lady Darkling Elytis and a very generous donation from Miss Carolynne Chapman, who asked for an administrative position in return. I'm already looking for desks.

Please remember that this is a public service for Caledon and its neighbors. While Miss Lumina can build another structure with the same footprint as the Bloodwing Foundation, I would probably make do with a small office and a cot in one corner. The rest of the structure will be for your benefit.

I will be at the Foundation tonight..I'll throw a salon to pitch the idea to whomever is in a philanthropic mood.

My Thanks to my Loyal Readers,

~Dr. Bloodwing

P.S. I will be holding a fundraiser at the Bloodwing Foundation in Steelhead tonight, starting at 7pm.

Also, my apologies to Mr. Eclipse. Unlike some Caledonians, I am not skilled in fundraising etiquette.

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Dr. MAson-Bloodwing, I look forward to seeing this hospital opened. Currently my human's funding is extremely limited, but hopefully that will change in a few weeks, and I can help some in donations as well!