Tuesday, April 24

Reviving Qli

My heart sank as I gathered her in my arms, cold as the clay from which I made her. Building her was the one Project I was allowed during my confinement within my own body by that nefarious Son of Hades. Yes, he supplied the raw power with his soulflame, but why did a living, loving person and not an automaton as he expected?

Because I willed it so. Because I reached upwards to catch her soul as the Tree of Life shook her essence free from the Higher Realm, while the Demon was looking down, stoking the black flames of the Qlippothic Spheres.

But now..with the Demon gone, so was her pilot light. I pressed lightly on her belly. Her Soul Drive extruded from her navel..a lucky first guess as to one of the many places she could keep it safe. I held it close to the lantern's light. The diagram of the Tree was intact. The sliver of rock glimmered from the Fae blood that had been absorbed into its sigils.


The voice echoed in my brain. I smiled as I felt her spirit communicate to mine from within the stone.

"Yes, Qli. It's me."

I finally sense you as I first saw you when I opened my eyes.. I knew someday you would be free.

I could only nod as I bit my lip. Finally, I gulped hard and whispered,

"But this is a terrible price for my freedom. Your paralysis. So many hurt.."

What matters now is you are here as you truly are. I did everything I could to confound the Demon's plans without incurring his wrath and risking your own body and soul. I rushed to Tombstone at your plea, not that of the Prince.

I nodded sadly. "He almost succeeded..trying to have me killed so he could claim my body all for himself." A long, quiet pause as we listened to the crickets..the rustling leaves, the rippling of the waters. The cool night breeze blew across my cheek. All little things..little things I never realized I would miss so much.

I shook my head and came back to my senses to deal with the here and now.

"Qli..I don't know how to power your body again!"

The same way you conjured my soul, Father.

I slid her Soul Drive back into its hiding place. Was I strong enough after all this time? With no preparation to retry what took me years to accomplish, both with the Demon's help and interference? For the first time, I recited the formula as it was meant to be spoken, unobscured by intricacies meant to confound the Stranger inside me

with ends in sight, with means defined
imbue this clay with spirit mine
the goal condoned, the process blessed
the Sacred Spheres I do request
my will is strong, my faith endure
endow this flesh with light so pure!

Blue eyes shut tight as the edge of Tanglewood floods with luminescence, multiplying with each orb invoked that floats in formation above the creator and the creation,


Words that would have burned the Demon's tongue to cinders echo among the trees.


The wind begins to howl, spiraling the leaves around the pair.


The air is warm and smells of roses..

But something is wrong. I am still too weak. My body misused for years. My soul taunted by my captor until I had all but given up hope.

The Spheres are not phased down far enough..I need help to widen the portal! I must draw from my own life force..

FATHER! NO! I will not allow it! I will not see you cured just to die over me!

And I will not have your soul crumble to dust in my arms! Then how..?


Friends? Yes! YES!!

Here I send my distress call through the aether, between the gaps of time and space. It matters not what you think of me now or then..all I want is my daughter to walk again! I reach out to you Dear Reader..if ever you loved my sweet Qlippothic..close your eyes..see her in your mind..and channel what energies you can to her..let her LIVE again!


Amber_Palowakski said...

I pray you and Qli return soon as well, Dr. I miss my SL sorely, and I am sure you both do as well!

Lady Amber

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Return her to Steelhead. Between you, Miss Tensai, and Professor Avalanche, I know that Qlippothic can be revived.

Hermoine Pennyfeather said...

Closes her eyes and repeats fervently: "I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies, I do believe.... Come back Qli, we need you."

emillyorr said...

Lost in distant indigo trees, a red-haired fae looks up with tricolor eyes, deep in dappled shadows. She closes those eyes, nodding once, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

One side of her mouth quirks, those eyes flash silver, and she lays her hands, palms facing up, on her knees.

"Energy we have. Qlippothic knows how to reach me, your demon has been in contact with me. Follow the pathways back and tap what I have. For this...for her...I'll allow it."

She inhales again, leaning against the scaled tree, concentrating and spiraling her energy out, fae and succubus power both sent from one magical land, to another.

"Take what you need. I would not see you fail."

JJ Drinkwater said...

Somewhere across Caledon, a librarian looks up from his book, disturbed by a subtle stirring of the aether he can barely place, and has no hope to name. "Qli..." he thinks.

He closes his eyes, and images come... the strange, compelling being who wandered into his library late one night, seeking a place of honor and duty in Caledon...the brave Fire Chief who rescued him from dire peril...the delightful partner who vouchsafed him her hand for a dance at so many balls...the true heart he always saw shining through the contrivances that gave her being on the Grid...

He bows his head to ask what kind godlets he knows to see her safely through the many gates she will have to dare. That done, he goes to walk the the byways of Caledon, the night air whispering secrets to him, his heart reaching out to help.

He finds in himself a deep well of quiet, filled brimful from endless hours of silent study. He imagines a ladle dipping, pouring cool draughts to refresh a weakened, wearied spirit....

Caledon is a compendium, Qli, and each of your friends is a passage in it. Draw from each of us what you may use...we'll see you through.